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Technical service

We repair all kinds of computers: Laptops and Desktops. We install the operating systems of your choice.  

Virus and Spyware Removal

We have all the necessary applications for the elimination of viruses and malicious software that do not let your computer work 100%.

Network Design

Our network design experts will be in charge of evaluating and presenting the best option that suits your infrastructure.

Data Backup and Recovery Plan

We recover your lost data and apply constant backups to your computer equipment.

Cloud Services

We work hand in hand with AWS where we can guide our clients to take the best cloud-based service.

Cyber security

We have personnel certified under Cyber Security, our Providers such as Fortinet and Juniper, always present Webinar of interest to keep us informed.

RAN Telecom

Installation of micro - macro cellular radio bases (GSM, UMTS and LTE technology)

Antenna installation, module changes, site reconfiguration, minor civil works, BTS reconfiguration, EnodeB, Node B, Single RAN, Air Scale.

Quality Managers

Review in facilities in the BTSs by highly qualified personnel, to measure the standards demanded by the service providers.

Uninstalling Equipment

Maintenance routines and corrective actions in the uninstallation of equipment.


Drone service for the inspection of towers and verification of installation systems.

O&M Telecom

Network operation (CS, PACO, RAN, BSS)

Preventive maintenance, periodic operation and maintenance activities, implementation of network changes, replacement of units.

NOC (Network Operation Center)

Alarm monitoring, monitoring of scheduled activities, control of work permits, first line review of failures.

Operation and maintenance of radio bases

Operation and maintenance routines, card change, first line of troubleshooting.