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We have an excellent team of highly qualified engineers with experience of more than 17 years.



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Installation of micro - macro cellular radio bases (GSM, UMTS and LTE technology)

Antenna installation, module changes, site reconfiguration, minor civil works, BTS reconfiguration, EnodeB, Node B, Single RAN, Air Scale.

Quality Managers

Review in facilities in the BTSs by highly qualified personnel, to measure the standards demanded by the service providers.

Uninstalling Equipment

Maintenance routines and corrective actions in the uninstallation of equipment.


Drone service for the inspection of towers and verification of installation systems.


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Network operation (CS, PACO, RAN, BSS)

Preventive maintenance, periodic operation and maintenance activities, implementation of network changes, replacement of units.

NOC (Network Operation Center)

Alarm monitoring, monitoring of scheduled activities, control of work permits, first line review of failures.

Operation and maintenance of radio bases

Operation and maintenance routines, card change, first line of troubleshooting.


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Base Station Controller

Commissioning, configuration, SW Upgrade, etc, for RAN equipment controllers.
▪ Implementation of BSC, RNC.
▪ BSC and RNC configuration.
▪ RAN configuration (eNodeB, BTS, NodeB, etc).
▪ SW Upgrade masivo de BSC, RNC.
▪ Massive SW Upgrade of RAN (eNodeB, BTS, NodeB, etc).
▪ Rehoming.

CS/PS Core

Commissioning, expansions, configuration of Core Cs and PS teams.

  • • Implementation of MSS, MSCi MGW, MGWi, HLR, MME, UDC, VoLTE, SGSN, HSS, FlexiSN, Etc.
  • • Implementation of DF for CS and PS.
  • • HW expansions in CS and PS.
  • • SW Upgrades CS / PS.
  • • Network Integration.
  • • Network configurations.

Technical Support

  • ▪ Support failures in CS / PS / IP / RAN.
  • • Reduction of alarms in CS / RAN / CS / PS.


Creation of DF for CS Core for routines of operations.
Creation of RAN DFs for network configuration changes and new sites.

We Implement Communication Technology with top Large Global Suppliers


The Fifth Generation (5G). It hit the market in late 2018 and will continue to expand around the world. Beyond improving speed, 5G is expected to unleash a massive IoT (Internet of Things) ecosystem where networks can meet the communication needs of billions of connected devices, with the right trade-offs between speed, latency, and cost.

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Call-Out Physical Attention

We have highly qualified personnel for the attention of Call Out planned directly on site.

Log's taking

Survey of the status of the network elements involved, before and after the activity.

Network Elements Monitoring

Constant monitoring of the elements involved during the Call-Out.

Action to any fault that occurs

Attentive to any intervention on the window support, to mitigate any faults that may arise.

SRAN settings and / or configuration

Our site integration team is available to perform any type of configuration. Resolution of failures, required by our clients.

Flexi Multiradio System Module
 AirScale Common System Module
Flexi Multiradio System Module Indoor


Operation and preventive maintenance to the System Modules to avoid failures or replace the equipment.

Change modules, antennas, wiring, verification of Jumpers among others.


Normally metallic conductive device, designed with the goal of emitting and / or receiving electromagnetic waves into free space.


Telecommunications towers and masts are man-made structures designed to support antennas for broadcasting and telecommunications.

RF module

The RF module is better known as a "radio frequency" module, and it is a small electronic device used to transmit and receive radio signals between two devices. módulo de RF es más conocido como módulo de “radiofrecuencia“, y es un pequeño dispositivo electrónico que se utiliza para transmitir y recibir señales de radio entre dos dispositivos. 


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