Now Connecting in Remote Places is No Longer a Problem

AMPLIMAX Internet anywhere. The new Elsys Amplimax 4G modem is the most powerful 4G / 3G modem on the market. It allows you to access the internet and make phone calls even in hard-to-reach places.


It has several applications to use that range from simple navigation and phone calls to more complex ones, such as:

  • Operation of security cameras.
  • Alarms.
  • Itinerant use.
  • Fast cameras.
  • Redundancy gateways and more!

The Amplimax ELSYS integrates a 4G modem and a high gain heptaband directional antenna with Ethernet output and fixed telephony, compatible with 4G, 3G and 2G technologies. In addition, it also has protection against ultraviolet rays and the entry of water and dust, so it can be used outdoors, outside the home or in the store.
Además, también tiene protección contra los rayos ultravioleta y la entrada de agua y polvo, por lo que se puede utilizar en exteriores, fuera de casa o en la tienda.

Packaging content:

1 Amplimax router kit.
1 metal reflector.
1 DC source - 24 V.
1 1.4 m network cable (Ethernet) *
1 POE (Power Over Ethernet) injector.
2 nylon clamps with UV protection for fixing the device.
1 Nylon clamp with UV protection for fixing the cable.
2 strips of self-adhesive tape.


Amplimax Features

The new Elsys Amplimax model integrates a 4G modem and a high-gain directional antenna with Ethernet output. It has a POE adapter that allows you to connect the Amplimax with any WIFI router on the market or connect directly to a PC or Notebook up to 100 meters away. You just have to buy a mobile phone plan and insert the chip into the modem to start browsing. The Amplimax 4G is sent from the factory ready to connect with any cellular company.


The AMPLIMAX has up to 6X more range and 400X more signal relative to USB 4G / 3G modems found on the market.


It accepts a chip from any operator, total freedom to choose the operator that best serves the objectives in your region.

Easy Internet (Ethernet)

You can connect the AMPLIMAX directly to a PC or Notebook or to a Wi-fi router to distribute the internet signal.


Install any common, corded or cordless telephone. It allows to install up to 3 telephone points. Activate an internal network by connecting at one of the points.


Easy installation. Installed, connected and functioning!

  Ideal for Outdoors

The Amplimax is designed to resist water, dust and UV rays, you can install the Amplimax outdoors.


Frequent questions

How to install Amplimax?

It must be installed outdoors. You need to connect the network cable to the POE, from there to a router, and from there to the phone. Later insert the SIM of your choice. The function manual contains the necessary instructions to do so.

What problem does Amplimax solve for me?

Amplimax provides an optimal and interference-free signal in cases where the operator towers are far away or the signal is poor.

Can I make calls with the Amplimax?

Yes, Amplimax allows you to access the telephone service of any operator, you can connect a conventional telephone and receive and make calls with the number assigned to the chip you purchased.

What carriers does Amplimax support?

It is unlocked and its antenna is Heptaband. Therefore, it is compatible with any operator.

Is Amplimax unlocked?

Yes, Amplimax is unlocked and compatible with all cell phone carriers.

Should the Amplimax be registered?

Yes, the Amplimax must be registered on the page of the operator with which you purchased the data plan. The procedure is just like registering a mobile phone.

Where can I use Amplimax?

The Amplimax can be used in any place where the conventional signal does not reach or you are far from the towers, it is optimal for remote monitoring of IP cameras and alarms via cloud server, for use in homes or commercial establishments, itinerant commerce, such as Food Truck and / or remote job sites.

Is it easy to Install the Amplimax?

Yes, this product does not need configurations or drivers, just plug it in and use it immediately. The enclosed manual has the instructions.

Can I use 24 volt batteries in the Amplimax?

Yes, you can use them, you just have to have the proper facilities.

Where can the Amplimax be attached?

The Amplimax can be mounted to masts and walls, the drilling template can be found in the Product Manual.

Does Amplimax have Wi-Fi?

No, but it can be easily connected to a Wi-Fi router or switch.

What is the maximum distance range of the Amplimax?

In general, Amplimax has 6 times the range of a typical 3G / 4G USB modem, with a download speed of up to 70 Mbps. It is difficult to define a maximum range for Amplimax as it depends on the installation conditions, the terrain of the region, the frequency of tower operation, among other factors. Under favorable conditions, the range can reach 30 kilometers in all directions.

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